What is Heart Attack?

What is Heart Attack|Causes|Symptoms|Treatment|Prevention

What is Heart Attack?

A heart attack is comman disease for mankind, many times we heared about heart attack and other heart diseases. Lets see what is heart attack?The heart supplies blood to every part of your body when blood supply to the heart itself blocked resulting in a heart attack, which is commonly felt as severe pain and discomfort in the chest. As per who cardio vascular disease is the number 1 cause of death wordwide, taking more then 17 million live every year.

what is heart attack


What is a heart attack? and Why does the heart attack happen?

A heart attack occurs when blood supply to the heart is blocked due to obstruction in the artery(coronary artery) who supply blood to the heart muscles.

what are the heart attack’s causes?

Heart attacks occur due to many reasons. The most common cause is a build-up of plaque inside the artery that supplies blood to the heart that obstructs blood from getting to heart muscles.

heart attack can also be caused by a variety of causes like a blood clot, torn coronary artery, vascular spasm of an artery, etc.

What is Heart attack Symptoms?

variety of symptoms can occur in a heart attack that also may differ in men and women, most of them are as follows:

  • chest pain
  • discomfort
  • fatigue
  • nausea
  • lightheadedness
  • pain in left arm/shoulder

there can be many more signs and symptoms depending upon many factors like age, sex, etc.

What is a heart attack and Diagnosis of a heart attack?

ECG|heart attack

Firstly, diagnosis depends on the clinical examination in correlation with medical investigations. secondly, an expert doctor(cardiologist) may perform some physical examination and investigations like E.C.G. to find out the function of the heart as the primary investigation. final diagnosis and overall assessment of damage can be assessed by angiography.

In angiography, a probe is inserted into a blocked artery and with the help of a special dye, the blockage can be seen on screen.

Your doctor can perform some blood test to find out traces of heart muscles damage in your blood.


Treatment of a heart attack depends on the severity. treatment option may as follow:

  1. Medical management: medicines
  2. Surgical management:  Surgical management mostly may be of further two types:
  • Angioplasty:  In angioplasty blocked artery can be open with the help of some balloon angiography
  • Heart bypass surgery: In bypass surgery blocked artery is bypassed and blood supply is rerouted to heart.
  • Heart transplant: in the worst scenario where the majority of heart muscles get damaged due to heart attack and no other option left, a heart transplant can be planned.

Your doctor can prescribe some medicine to treat a heart attack which may  be as follows:

  • Aspirin
  • blood thinner(anticoagulant)
  • medicine to maintain your blood pressure, etc
What is the Prevention of a heart attack?

to prevent a heart attack, and staying fit one can do many things which is under your control. some factors are purely in your hand which can be controlled.


1. Smocking cessation- smocking is one of the common factors associated with heart diseases. quitting smoking can help you to reduce the chances of a heart attack.

2.lifestyle a healthy lifestyle is important to reduced the chances of a heart attack. A happy lifestyle may include happiness, stress-free life, proper sleep, etc.

3.healthy diet-healthy diet

 Diet is an important factor. A healthy diet may include, low-fat high protein diet. Avoid using fast foods. Stick to the simple homemade food with low fat and high in nutrition. consume leafy green vegetables, fruits, etc.



4.regular exercise- Regular exercise play a vital role in reducing your body fat and maintain good blood flow.






5.regular checkup- Regular followup with your healthcare provider.

dr doing checkups

Other than this some recent studies show poor oral hygiene leads to poor heart health, to make sure you have to maintain good oral hygiene. visit your dentist and get restore your decayed teeth with advised treatment like root canal treatment, filling, etc



In conclusion, a heart attack is a serious medical emergency and takes many lives every year. The good news is that one can reduce the chances of a heart attack by maintaining a good healthy and active lifestyle with regular exercise and a healthy diet. so remember prevention is better than cure. stay healthy stay happy

there are many ways one can stay fit and happy what’s yours?





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