what is Root Canal Treatment? Cost of root canal treatment?

What is root canal treatment? cost of root canal treatment?

The root canal is a treatment used to treat and save a tooth that is badly decayed most probably due to cavity or trauma. Basically in this procedure cavities are removed followed by the infected nerves, to achieve a bacteria-free environment inside the tooth. In this you will learn about what is root canal treatment and the cost of root canal treatment?ย 


what is root canal treatment and why it is needed?

A root canal is needed to save a tooth that is decayed by bacteria and becomes symptomatic. In short root canal procedure is an alternative option for a tooth extraction.


What are the steps of root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment may require single or multiple appointments.

as a first step, your dentist may take an X-ray to see the anatomy of your tooth.

then the dentist will anesthetize your tooth by injecting a numbing solution into your gums. you may feel a sharp pinch or prick but don’t worry it last for a moment.

once the anesthetic has done its effect dentist starts with the procedure step by step.

  • Removal of all the decayed tooth structure.

Once you feel numbness over the affected area, your dentist will start removing all the decayed parts of your tooth.

  • Removal of pulp tissue

Your dentist makes a small opening on your tooth to access infected pulp.

once infected pulp is accessed dentist start removing it by specialized tools [rootcanal files]

  • cleaning and shaping

your dentist will do a proper cleaning and shaping of your tooth from inside of roots till apex.

  • Fillingย 

once your tooth is cleaned thoroughly your general dentist or endodontist start with filing or some medications from insides.

What after root canal treatment?

A root canal is considered a restorative procedure. Most people who undergo the procedure are able to enjoy the positive results for the rest of their lives. Still, how long results last depends on the way you take care of your teeth.

what is the Cost of root canal treatment?

The cost of root canal treatment depends upon so many things like country, area, locality, the experience of a dentist, and the overall condition of your tooth.

In India, the cost of a root canal is at around RS 5000-8000 (Its depend on various factors)


Complications of root canal treatment.

A root canal is done in an effort to save your tooth. sometimes root canal treated tooth may become painful in the future due to various factors like breakage of fillings/crowns, reinfections of a tooth, etc.

The overall success rate of a root canal treated tooth is above 90%, it depends upon various factors and post-operative care.

What if I feel pain in my root canal treated tooth?

Sometimes you can feel pain again in your tooth despite taking proper treatment due to many factors.

your dentist will take an Xray to check the status of your tooth and decide accordingly, Your tooth may require a reroot canal treatment, extraction, etc.


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